I have been doing hair pretty much my whole life. It started off as something I would beg my sister and mother to let me do in the evenings when they were watching tv.  Then I experimented with a few haircuts for friends and coloring with whatever I could get my hands on: kool-aid, food dye, henna, a few box colors, peroxide and lemon juice!   Then I discovered the art of  updo's! Mainly for friends going to prom or homecoming dances.  It was there that I discovered my love for special occasion hair styles and it continues with my passion for doing hair for weddings!   After a couple of career changes I decided it was time to make it official.    I was trained at ABTech in Asheville, NC and  became licensed in 2009.  I have been fortunate to work exclusively with organic products right from the start.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  My health, the health of my clients and the environment are too important to me to work with anything else.   I truly believe that beauty is about feeling confident in your own being and feeling free to express that with whatever style helps you feel most like yourself.  


959 Merrimon Ave, Suite 6

Asheville, NC 28804

Call or Text: 828-747-0726